This New Moon in Virgo invites us to plant the intention of efficiency and productivity for the new lunar cycle.

It is an appropriate time to start a diet, a regular physical exercise, to rearrange and clean our physical space, to purify the body, to re-create a work routine, to optimize resources …

The strength of this Moon is boosted by the Partial Eclipse of the Sun. The Eclipse happens because the Moon crosses in front of the Sun casting its shadow on it. This alignment acts as an energy portal where the energy of the Sun and Moon in conjunction become amplified. A solar eclipse can also be called a Super New Moon due to its power being magnified.

This Partial Solar Eclipse precedes the Total Lunar Eclipse on September 28th. Today we enter what in Shamanic Astrology is called the “Eclipse Cauldron” which corresponds to the two weeks between the Solar Eclipse and the Lunar Eclipse. During these two weeks there´s an acceleration of energy with great potential for transformation. The veil between dimensions becomes thinner and it is fundamental to keep a heightened awareness of the intentions we sow, thoughts and words we use and actions we take. Wherever the focus of our consciousness is that will be what we´ll be attracting into our lives.

Adding to this energetic amplified time, Mercury is about to turn retrograde in Libra on September 17th. Mercury retrograde takes us to a kind of “right brain hemisphere mode” in which logic and rationality no longer function as we´re used to. It often creates situations that force us to step out of our comfort zone of preconceived ideas and rigid mental structures. Being in the sign of Libra it launches a review process in the realm of ​​relationships, with a call to grow in awareness and balance.

On September 18th, Saturn will be entering Sagittarius for a two year cycle. This movement of Saturn will bring a focus on working towards seeking the Higher Truth which is the signature of Sagittarius.

Let’s enjoy this magical time by seeding the best intentions for our lives, for the whole human family and for the planet. This New Moon is strong with the intent of purification. At all levels.

Preparing us for the Super Total Lunar Eclipse on 28 September 28th. Super, as it will happen only a few minutes after the Moon´s perigee (the point where the Moon is closer to the Earth and therefore looks bigger). This Total Lunar Eclipse may turn out to be the largest Lunar Eclipse of our lives !!! We’ll talk about it when the time comes. Until then let’s cleanse, simplify and reorganize our lives, leaving behind the old energy of things that no longer serves us and creating space to receive the energy of the New Time.

The New Time of peace and harmony for the entire human family on Earth and with the Earth. The more of us believe that it is possible, (in fact, that’s the only possible reality for our continuing existence on the planet) the sooner we´ll reach a critical mass level that will change humanity´s collective conscious and the consequent manifestation of that desired reality. After all, everything is consciousness …

Inspiration: We reap what we sow. May we cast the seeds of our best gifts so we reap the best fruits that life on Earth has to offer. To us and to the future generations.

Blessings of joyFul deLight!

Cristina Moreira

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